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There may be times in our life when we experience emotional stress. Stress has the ability to affect the body just as much (and on occasion more) than physical issues. Emotional stress affects our bodies on a few different levels. We have an inbuilt flight or fight reflex within us that kicks in when we need it to. Fight or flight is the bodies' way of coping with a stressful situation. In days gone by it was a self-preservation tool so our bodies would be able to immediately produce the adrenalin and energy needed to run away from a potentially dangerous situation. However, if you put yourself repeatedly in stressful situations, the body uses all its energy to deal with this perceived dangerous situation and very little energy is left over to "run" the body. This means that the body will be denied the energy it needs to keep itself well.

We often say that people "carry" stress in the body - what does this mean? Well, how many times have you been stressed, then realized that your shoulders are right up near your ears and you are tensing most of your body? While you are in this situation, your muscles are working hard just to keep themselves in the tensed state. This will not only leave you with tired and aching muscles, but will also leave you feeling fatigued, as if you have done a few hours exercise. Again, if you are in this situation frequently, the muscles will become overtired and sore.

Of course, the ideal solution would be to remove the stress from your life. But we all know this is not always possible in the short term. Massage can help you through stressful periods in your life by easing those tired muscles and easing out stiffness and achiness.

To speak to a therapist or to arrange an appointment, call us on 07752 807863 or email: info@handsonholistics.org.uk

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