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What We Treat

Sports Massage can help chronic (long term) problems. These can be anywhere in the body (back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs). You may experience pain when you do something repeatedly or stretch in a certain way. You may have gained and injury from playing sport or an every day activity.

Acute injuries can also be treated. These are injuries that you have gained recently, again caused either by your sporting activity or gardening, lifting etc.

Sports massage can also treat deep muscle tension. By keeping the muscles in good condition, you can reduce the likelihood of picking up injuries.

Sports massage can help with a myriad of problems including: Sports massage can help with all these issues and more. If you are an athlete, any of these issues can inhibit your performance. Effective treatment can improve your ability to perform, meaning you can move your body and use your muscles at an optimum level. As a sports person you can also benefit hugely from the correct stretching regime. I can advise you on this and help you put it into practice.

If you are not an athlete you can still benefit from a reduction of aches and pains. How good would it be to be without the daily discomfort you may have thought you just had to put up with!!

So don't hesitate, call for an appointment now. Remember every new client receives a free postural assessment! There's nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

To speak to a therapist or to arrange an appointment, call us on 07752 807863 or email: info@handsonholistics.org.uk

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